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$50 Per Adventure

1-2 adventures per week
Free Pick Up
& Drop Off

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Platinum Booking

$45 Per Adventure

3-5 adventures per week
Free Pick Up
& Drop Off

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We can help you with:

– Hyperactivity
– Dog & Human Agression
– Pulling on the leash
– Overall manners

and much more…

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We make every day an adventure.

We all feel guilty when we have to leave our dogs unattended and for good reason. Dogs are pack animals and thrive, grow and learn from the company of other dogs. We have custom designed different styles of days for your dog using our unique and holistic approach. Taking into account not just your dog’s physical needs but also their mental needs too. We also have private, fully dog fenced farm land which is our HQ. From there we take your canines on the best forest and beach adventures in Auckland. To make life easier for you we provide pick up and drop off included in our prices that way canines from nearly all over Auckland can join in on what is always a great adventure. Because why be stuck in side, when you could be on a Pet Adventure!